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Nowadays, TV shows have become very popular and are really making big money. But, most of us are not aware of the profits that TV shows make each and every year. There are a variety of shows on TV, ranging from reality and comedy shows to documentaries and dramas. Some have been around since the very inception of television, while others have made a more recent debut. But regardless of these particularities, the popularity and success of a TV show can most objectively be determined through the profits it is making.


Below is the list of TV shows that made great profits from their advertising revenue. To rank these TV shows, we have gathered data from various sources like Kantar Media and Forbes magazine. Let’s take a look at the countdown.

10. Modern Family

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.13 million

ABC’s Modern Family debuted back in 2009 and its track record so far has been more than positive.  This TV show features the stories of 3 related families and the everyday events they have to tackle. Modern Family has proven to be successful commercially and won a number of awards including several Emmy Awards.

9. Mad Love

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.59 million

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS)’s Mad Love is different from other shows on our countdown in that it only aired for one single season. This show showcased two couples with different mindsets, who managed to fall in love with each other despite the differences. Though it was aired for only one season, it made huge profits compared to other TV shows.

8. Desperate Housewives

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.61 million

Another show by ABC that has been airing since 2004.This show is about several housewives living in the same suburb. Despite the perfect façade, lie a series of mysteries, struggles, and even murders and the women have to learn how to navigate the murky waters of Wisteria Lane.

7. Dancing with stars

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $ 2.72 million

This is a dance competition show that is being aired since 2005. This show is one of the highest rated shows ever produced by ABC and it has already completed 17 seasons. It features a number of famous people and celebrities paired up with a professional dancer.

6. The Big Bang Theory

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.75 million

This show has gained the attention of viewers from the beginning of its first series. At present, this show is treated as one of the biggest hits ever made by CBS. The show, depicting the everyday life of four socially awkward friends and the pretty ladies in their life has grown into one of the most popular TV series ever.

5. Grey’s anatomy

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.75 million

Grey’s anatomy by ABC was aired for the first time in 2005. It is a medical show depicting the struggles of several medical interns. Since it first aired, this show has always been amongst the top 10 most profitable shows in terms of revenue as well as viewer ratings.

4. Glee

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $2.8 million

Debuted in 2009 as a musical comedy show, Glee has made huge profits for Fox. It features members of the Glee club who struggle to deal with their relationships and social issues. The stars of this show won several awards for their excellent performances.

3. Two and a half men

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $3.24 million

Named the biggest comedy show by the New York Times, Two and a half men has been airing since 2003. Despite having to replace popular Charlie Sheen, the show has maintained its high profitability throughout the years.

2. The X Factor

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $5.5 million

X Factor is a popular singing competition that allows contestants to battle out for the $5 million top prize. The contestants are selected by conducting public auditions and the one who manage tosurvice are then advised by the judges on performing songs on stage.

1. American Idol

Advertising revenue per half an hour – $6.64 million

The reality singing show debuted back in 2003 and is widely considered as one of the best TV shows of the decade. American Idol has helped launch the careers of countless artists, including Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood.

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