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Home Page Take Over

Home Page Take Over is by far the most powerful way to get eyeballs on your company or brand and it is exactly that a takeover whereby all banners, backgrounds, player skins, watermarks are replaced with your banners, links, images additionally your video commercial will get the Pole Position, first channel slot in the Iastra Free TV Player which is reserved for our Home Page Take Over Customers.

Our Viewers are guaranteed to see your advertisements powering your message home

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Home Page Take Over

As part of the launch campaign for 2015 we ran a highly successful homepage takeover on the Iastra Broadcasting network Websites comprised of over 20 web portals with the intent of driving users to www.ifilmfeatures.com .

This may be an advertising format that you have come across when browsing but not utilized for your own purposes, utilizing Iastra’s larger network of popular online brands to get maximum exposure for your company and products. so here we will answer some basic questions about running a homepage takeover, as well as sharing the results of our IFilmFeatures Movie Sharing & Streaming Web-portal campaign.


Home Page Take Over Network

Iastra Network Sites

IFilmFeatures.com Home Page Iastra.net Home Page
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URockMe.TV Home Page PaidPlayer.net Home Page
urockme_screen_302x236 paidplayer_302x236
CFC Live Image Movie Investors Club image
cfclive_302x236 minvestorsclub_302x236
Iastra hosting Image BigCityLive Image
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Destinos Exotico image Questrust Ventures image
destinos_exotico_302x236 questrust_302x236
I College Class Image Iastra Live Image
icollegelclass_302x236 iastralive_302x236
GamersOrg image technologicallydead.iastra.info

What is a homepage takeover?

Simply put, a homepage takeover is where the background (also known as a “wallpaper” or “skin”) and banner slots on the homepage are used to promote your message as opposed to booking a single banner position. Takeovers can also be more sophisticated where the architecture of the page is seemingly disrupted for your advert utilizing rich media combined with non-traditional banner formats like overlays or sliders.

What are the advantages of a homepage takeover?

Takeover advertising campaigns are highly effective at increasing brand visibility and creating impact.

Think about standard banner advertising, you only have one position on the page to get your point across, and your banner is competing with other advertisers’ banners running on the page. A homepage takeover means that the audience you’re targeting WILL* see your advert because it uses the background of the web page as well as the banner slots, giving you 100% of the marketing space, which when combined provides a cohesive canvas for your message.

What should I think about before I run a homepage takeover campaign?

Utilizing a homepage takeover makes a big splash for your message but it’s worth making sure you optimize your ROI by:

** Having a landing page ready that will encourage those who have clicked on your ad to convert in whichever way you wish – purchase, sign-up, search, etc.

** Doing some background research to understand exactly when your audience is most likely to convert. For example, if the majority of your conversions are received over the weekend you may want to display your homepage takeover over two weekends rather than a Monday to Friday.

** Considering a takeover over of a section of the website rather than the homepage or entire site. Again, background research may reveal that your conversions may be mainly due to a relevant section of the website and being selective may potentially reduce the cost of your campaign.

Does my advert need to be super flashy to get attention?

Your experience of homepage takeover advertising may consist of consumer takeovers promoting a film or a new car where the screen is swallowed up by the advert. Although there is no doubt that using rich media combined with this format can gain a high level of engagement, it’s also worth pointing out that because this format uses parts of the screen not frequently used for advertising your message will automatically be much more effective at getting noticed than regular banners.

For example, the Natureevents Directory takeover above utilized a simple static image as the wallpaper but as the colour of it was markedly different to the regular Naturejobs site it received an extremely healthy 3.48% click-through rate over the five days it appeared.  Although clicks don’t tell the complete story with regards to online advertising, when you compare it to average click-through rates for standard banners sizes of 0.1 to 0.2% you can understand why advertisers are excited by takeovers as a marketing option.

If I do plan to use rich media as part of my website takeover, is there anything I should consider?

If you decide to utilize flash or video as part of your homepage takeover it’s worth thinking about frequency capping your advert especially if it’s a takeover that fills the page, as the first 2 or 3 times your advert plays it can be exciting for the audience to view, jump to 20 times later and perhaps not so much. When your ad is frequency capped you can still entice them to play the original advert within your banner slots or utilize those slots to play a scaled down version of your advert.

Also if you are using video within your banners do not assume that people automatically want your advert blaring out at them, demonstrate within the visuals that there is an audio element and give them the option to turn the sound on.

What should I check when running a homepage takeover?

The wallpaper element of a homepage takeover is not a constant like the standard banner sizes such as leaderboard and MPU but will change depending on the browser or screen resolution that your audience uses. This may mean, for example, that although the specifications may state you have an area of 2000px by 2000px for your message not all of this may be visible on some browsers and screens. The site you are planning to takeover should be able to provide guidelines on the main live areas of the wallpaper.

It is also important that you test your creative – check that all your ads slots display and click through to the correct destination in various browsers, also test on different operating systems. It is worth noting that some mobile devices may not display your advert so if you expect most of your traffic on a mobile device you would be better off utilizing a mobile website takeover.

Have you used or considered a homepage takeover in a large network of websites such as the Iastra Broadcasting Network as part of your marketing campaign? YES!!!

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Home Page Takeover

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Home Page Take-Over

Iastra Home Page Takeover campaigns can include over 20 different home pages of all sites in the iastra network which now covers; Movies, Games, TV, Music, live events, sports and Humanitarian interests all in one easy package and price.


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