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Iastra Broadcasting is a fully operational Multinational Media Company, with it offices in Los Angeles, California and satellite offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Panama and Brazil (coming soon).

Its global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, home video acquisition, operation of its studio facility and video label, working with new media technology and distribution of filmed entertainment with numerous online websites where Iastra programming can be viewed by everyone worldwide with an internet connection, now over 3.4 billion people.

The Company currently has multifaceted co-financing joint ventures with various companies across the globe and has production deals with ‘A’ level Content Producers and Directors in all countries and languages that have earned over $4 Billion US Box Office revenues. It also has an extensive library of over 45,000 titles including films with Academy Award winning Directors and Noble Prize winning Writers.

The Management team and its advisory board have more than twenty years of experience in film production and distribution with an outstanding track record of success with companies including but not limited to Warner Bros, Paramount Studios, Universal Pictures, Mandalay, Albatros, Univision, Telemundo, Lions Gate Entertainment and many many more around the world.

The existing library contains films with all the notable stars you see on Television and Movies every day including but not limited to Jack Nicholson, Kirsten Dunst, Dennis Quiad, Adrian Brody, Sharon Stone, Dennis Hooper, Christina Ricci, Amy Smart, Rupert Everett, Heather Graham, David Carradine, Tim Curry, F. Murray Abraham, James Caan, Martin Landau, Virginia Madsen, Brook Shields, Natasha Lyonne, Tom Berenger, Cathy Moriarty, Morgan Fairchild, Debi Mazar, Corbin Bernsen just to name a few.

Film Financing is in transition as the industry is constantly adapting to the volatility in the capital markets. The risk factor is considerably high when investing in films as traditional Equity Investors. The company has developed a disciplined approach to film finance mostly in the form of Minimum Guarantees which allows it to strategically leverage an investment without a proportional increase in risk by being in first position for recoupment of all its monies plus interest ahead of any traditional investors.

This grants a competitive advantage to Iastra Broadcasting and its Investors as they hold a first priority senior secured debt interest in the films and TV shows we are producing now. Minimum Guarantee is simply an advance towards the rights to a film at a smaller percentage of the film’s total budget.

By investing primarily in the form of a Minimum Guarantee, the company is able to minimize its risk. Regardless of the box office performance of the film or its inability to recoup its full budget, the investment is protected from the first revenues of the Film.

For example, if a Film only generates two thirds of its budget, the investment has a higher probability of being fully paid with interest in addition to the Sales Division recouping its commission and a considerable portion of its expense cap.

Iastra Broadcasting’s vision is to produce/co-produce and distribute Films that attain box office and critical success, are efficiently financed and produced in house and brought into the market through distribution operations the company controls. Also, to create ongoing value from the cash flow of the Films in distribution and the residual valuation of the library as it accumulates and grows.

The ability of Iastra Broadcasting to fully handle all aspects of production, post-production, sales and distribution through its various arms is the company’s greatest strength. Essentially, Iastra Broadcasting operates as a mini-studio; everything is handled in house, with every arm of the company synergizing with the rest.

Iastra Broadcasting Investments is seeking to help raise a Finance Facility of $500,000,000 (‘the Facility’) to invest in Feature Films and Television shows (‘Film’) primarily in the form of Minimum Guarantees in 15-20 films over the next 5 years, producing an average of 3-5 films per year. When investing with this facility, the investment is in first position of recoupment ahead of any bank or distributor.

Most conglomerates such as Disney, Sony, Fox, Time Warner continue to exercise a great deal of influence in the marketplace and are strictly producing big budget tentpole films and unending sequels. However, they face spiraling costs for production, distribution and marketing. Companies such as Iastra Broadcasting, acting as a mini studio play a critical role in developing film projects primarily between $5 – $25 million as there is a growing audience for films in mid range budgets and managing production and distribution in all primary and secondary disribution channels as well as global distribution via it’s own infrastructure and Iastra TV.

With adequate capital and the ability to develop, produce and distribute Films in house under one media company or in co-production joint ventures with various production companies with solid box office success, Iastra Broadcasting will be particularly well positioned to fill the demand for new Films, generating growth and profitability from different divisions of the company.

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